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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018One of the key components of a search engine ranking is the number of quality pages that link back to your pages. Gaining organic links can be slow and relies on the goodwill of visitors to your site. One search engine optimization strategy is to request links from sites associated with your industry. Overall the best approach to link building is taking a blended and natural approach. While I do not recommend link exchange as a major part of link building, from time to time it may make sense as a small part of your overall link growth. When client’s ask me about this I normally say link exchanging is something that used to work well 4 years ago, but is not as effective these days. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive Templates.

There is no shame in requesting links with other websites that you have established a solid business relationship with. In fact it makes good business sense. If, for example, you sell printer ink cartridges, it would make sense to contact printer sellers, paper sellers and other allied businesses requesting a link to your pages – perhaps in exchange for a link from one of your pages. Because these businesses relate to your business and you have established a relationship with them means the search engine optimization value of these links is far greater than many of the organic links you may receive.

Requesting a link can be a fairly straightforward process. However Eric Ward wrote a telling post on Search Engine Land called the ‘Link Building Kiss Of Death‘ which details some of the right and wrong ways to send link requests. The post provides a good insight in how to enhance your search engine optimization link building program through link requests.

One paragraph struck a particular chord that I think should be taken further, if it is on a slightly different tangent. The basic premise of the article is that most web site owners, when looking for contact details, simply stick with admin@ or contact@ email addresses – addresses he labels the ‘kiss of death’. The paragraph stated:

To extend on this paragraphs note, if you can do some research to find more direct or personal email addresses then you are more likely to first, have your email read and secondly, have someone act on it. The key is finding out who would be the best person to send the email to. But if you have a business relationship with a company, it makes it that much easier.

You could send the email to the site or business owner, however I believe this could also be a ‘kiss of death’ email. Link building is not just a SEO strategy, it can also be a marketing strategy. Where ever possible the two individuals who are ‘in a position of influence’ are the web page caretaker and the individual responsible for marketing.

Finding out who these people are and addressing your emails directly to them will result in far more success than just emailing admin@ or contact@. How do you find this information? Two possible avenues; do a site search to see if the details are listed; or pick up the phone and ask for the people responsible – talk to them and get their email addresses. Chances are they will respect you more for taking the time to contact them directly.

If you can spend a little longer planning your link request campaign you will find the results far more rewarding and the search engine optimization benefits far outweighing a quick email to admin, or filling in an online contact form…or give a call to your contact and set up the link!

Premium WordPress Themes – Advanced Linking

Getting search engine optimization basics right is fairly straightforward these days. You can follow a plan just like a menu. Determine your keyword(s); generate content style using those keywords; submit to a couple of bookmarking sites; and your done. More advanced tactics require a little more in the way of creativity – or just planning.

If you look around the web, and the blog community is a classic example, there are those with well ranked sites that attract a lot of links, and then there is everyone else. We all undertake search engine optimization programs that match even the best of sites. So what is the secret to getting those higher ranks and attracting links?

  • First, let’s clear one thing up. It’s a search engine optimization reverse catch 22. Well ranked sites receive a lot of links. Sites that receive a lot of links rank well. These sites are going to continue to rank well because of that little circle.
  • That circle is the key – and the secret key to that circle is advanced networking. Again, looking at the blog community and those that rank well, they continually link to each other in their posts. Their search engine optimization strategies now include not just crafting internal links but also links to fellow bloggers within their network.
  • It is not just bloggers. If you are a site that promotes a certain range of products, you can network within that niche and start to include links within your content to those within your network. If everyone within the network does it often enough it can have a two-fold effect. First, as part of your search engine optimization program you are all going to have properly crafted anchor text links – this of course will help to build your rankings.

The bigger boost comes from your visitors, and the visitors to those within your network. They start to see a regular reference to your site amongst others.The result, they come and visit. If your site has quality content then your authority, or reputation, is going to increase with the result that others will start to link to you as well. You have now started that circle.

Smart web owners have networks within networks. Depending on the topic of their content, they will delve into the network of that topic to find a related article elsewhere and link into it. Top bloggers will often rehash the same subject matter and make their mark by turning it into a commentary. They can then link into opinions on that subject matter from other bloggers.

Learn to develop a strong network of like-minded individuals and start linking into their content using search engine optimization techniques. They will soon reciprocate and your inbound links will start to climb. Search engines like Google like to see links leaving a site as well and if it is going to a page with related content, everyone’s ‘authority’ gets a boost.

Become a networker and your search engine optimization strategies will become a little busier, but far more rewarding.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018If you haven’t guessed it already, Facebook pages are great opportunities to increase your Internet presence mainly because you can optimize the pages just like any other web page – and they show up in the SERPs. Best Premium WordPress themes for 2018.

Facebook pages have advantages over the traditional Facebook profile. No. 1, there is no limit to the number of fans a page can have. Your Facebook profile, on the other hand, is limited to 5,000 fans. While Facebook profiles often show up in SERPs, the do so mainly for the names of account holders so they make great reputation management tools, but you can optimize your Facebook pages around specific keywords. That means you can make a list of your important keywords and optimize Facebook pages around those keywords just as if you were building a web page.

Why would you to do that? Why not just build a page on your website? The primary reason is access. With a Facebook page you have access to millions of Facebook users who might not find your website any other way. Another thing, Facebook itself has millions of web pages and has been around long enough that its authority rating by the search engines is very high. If you have a newer site then you might actually get better search engine traction from a well optimized Facebook page. Then you can send visitors of your page to your website with a link for more information.

Facebook pages present an opportunity for webmasters to gain access to new site visitors and customers through a social media and search engine optimization campaign designed to interact in unique ways.

Premium WordPress Themes – Authority Score

Google didn’t create back links, but Google was the first search engine that ranked web pages based on the number and type of back links it attracted. To this day, Google’s ranking algorithms are based, at least in part (and I’d like to add it’s a large part), on back links. Even other major search engines have followed suit and now include some analyzation of back links in their ranking algorithms.

Of course, over time, Google has refined its back link algorithm in particular and its search engine optimization ranking algorithm in general. Instead of just counting links as Yahoo! appears to do, Google actually looks at a number of factors related to links and judges those links based on an unknown scale of value (It’s unknown to the larger Web community, though I’m sure someone at Google knows how this value is calculated). One thing is for sure: If you want to rise in Google search engine and maintain a prominent position, you must build some links back into your website.

Anchor text is one of the ranking factors that Google looks at in judging link value. It’s just one factor. Other factors include number of links, number of different sources of links, authority of those sources, relevance of the sites that link to you, and a variety of other factors are considered as well. When it comes to anchor text, the variation of ranking factors is no less complicated.

Some of the factors related to anchor text that Google analyzes in your back links include:

  • Specific keyword of each back link
  • Relevance of anchor text
  • Authority of linking page
  • Relevance of linking page
  • Variance in anchor text phrases used in overall back link portfolio
  • Relation of anchor text phrase to outbound anchor text in links on page being linked to
  • Optimization of on-page elements like photos, videos, and content

In short, Google favors a variety of anchor text to any page that is linked to. 100 links that vary 20 different relevant keyword phrases will gain more traction than 100 links that all use the same keyword phrase. If those 100 links are from a variety of different link sources with varying degrees of authority and relevance then that is even better. This tells Google that your back links are natural and not forced and that goes a long way to building your long-term reputation.

Premium WordPress Themes – Outbound Links

Much is said of inbound link building. Lord knows, we’ve done our fair share here at SEO Journal. But what about outbound links. Do those count?

Yes, in a word, outbound links are important too. But you have to consider, with outbound links, that every one you have an exit for your visitors and an invitation to go somewhere else. But outbound links can be good for search engine optimization too. You have to weigh the costs against the benefits.

When you link out to other sites within your niche, keep in mind that visitors to your site consider that an endorsement. So do the search engines. It helps those other sites, but it also helps you because the search engines see it as a willingness to participate in the wider web rather than closing yourself off as a cyberhermit. The downside is you could be linking to the competition.

Nevertheless, competitive issues aside, outbound links pass on relevance. A link to a complimentary site within the same niche shows the search engines that you care about providing value to your readers. That translates into being a more authoritative source. And search engines like authorative sources. The question for you is, which sites in your niche do you want to link to and where do you want to place those links?

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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018If you work in an area where good white hat search engine optimization means hitting page 3 with your on-page efforts but you just can’t seem to get your pages ranked any higher then it is possibly to push those pages further up in the listings. You need to undertake an ongoing relevant link building campaign. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Link building is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. It isn’t enough to seek out a large quantity of links. Quality links are just as important and developing a “trust factor” for your company. But what is meant by “quality link”?

The quality question in link building is not so easy to answer. Like on-page SEO, there are a number of factors that affect a link’s quality. All of them affect link quality to varying degrees and when you measure the aggregate of their affects you could walk away with a higher quality link using different variables on any given day of the week. In general, however, link quality is determined by some or all of the following criteria:

  • Relevant anchor text
  • PageRank of the page being linked from
  • PageRank of the site being linked from
  • Relevance of the web page linking to you
  • Relevance of the website linking to you
  • Age of the linking web page
  • Age of the linking website
  • Age of the link itself
  • Link diversity (After a couple hundred links, one more link from the same type of website that all your previous links are from becomes less valuable whereas a link from a different type of website increases in value)
  • Overall authority of the web page linking to you
  • The linking website’s overall authority
  • Anchor text variance (just like link diversity, after awhile the value of a certain anchor text decreases with overuse while other anchor text value may increase)

Building inbound relevant links to a page over time that has moderately good rankings when you want to push it up in the rankings requires some careful thought as to the anchor text you use in your links and the pages that you seek links from. You want to be careful not to choose bad neighborhoods. Depending on the competitive landscape of your niche, it could take a few hundred links or several thousand relevant in bound links to develop a solid trust factor in the eyes of the search engines and to build your rankings and visitors over time.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Directories

Web directories are a great source of link building as part of your long term blended approach to search engine optimization. They always have been and always will be. And there are always new directories popping up to take place of the old ones that are dying. Most directories just don’t stick around for long. So you can build 100 back links from online directories and within two years half of those are no longer in existence. They’ve died because the directory owner has decided to maintaining a directory is too hard and time consuming. Many directory owners go in it for the money and when they find out that you can’t make a lot of money from a directory without putting in some really hard work and long hours they end up quitting. Your links die and dead links don’t do any good.

That’s why it’s important to keep building links by submitting your site to new directories as they pop up if they are relevant in nature and are white hat. It is time consuming, but necessary. So many webmasters abandon the directory submission process and by doing so kill their link building campaigns. That’s why they never rise above a PR 3.

But you don’t have to do that. You should always be looking for new directories to submit your websites to. If you submit to enough directories you can beat the link attrition rate for your site. Remember, you will lose so many links each year to old sites dying. You have to replace those with new links. You do that by staying ahead of the attrition rate.

The best way to stay on top of new directories as they come out is to subscribe to Google Alerts. You’ll get an e-mail every time your keyword is triggered by a new site. Subscribe to alerts for “directory”, “web directory, and “website directory” and every time a new directory goes online you can go up and submit your website. Do this enough times and you’ll always grow your links faster than you lose them.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Limit

Does Google have a 100 link per page limit? No. Not according to Matt Cutts. In fact, Google’s never really had a 100 link per page limit. As Matt says, the reason Google gave for that 100 links per page thing was because of a limitation in Google’s indexing quality. That limitation no longer exists, but even if it did that’s not the point anyway.

Spam. That’s the point. User experience. That’s the second point.

Link farms used to be quite popular and after awhile they quit being effective because too many users would show up on a web page, look at massive amounts of links, and leave. No clicks. No scans. No reads. Just bounces. Google figured out that users didn’t want to see a page full of links.

But what if you have 250 links on a page that is composed of three columns of text where each column is content broken up by heads, subheads, photos, images, and other graphics, laid out with tables and CSS and meets all the standards of W3C, looks attractive, and is functional. In other words, it’s not just a page that consists of link after link after link after link until your eyes go hyperlink blue.

What if a savvy webmaster put together a really useful set of resources on a particular topic and it was broken up into subtopics, each with a separate header and an associated graphic with text wrap around, an introductory summary followed by 10-25 links, and a lead-in into the next subtopic? Getting the picture?

See this example of a page with 109 links before the section titled “Join the Conversation”. Now suppose this page had 20 chapters and twice as many links. Would it be a useful page? Absolutely. And I don’t think Google would have any issue with it. As long as you aren’t using blackhat search engine optimization techniques with hidden text and links, stuffed keywords, and such then you should have a good page of solid content. The number of links is irrelevant.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesWebmasters love tools, but how many do you need? Do you need every single tool available or can you get by with just a few. Most popular wordpress themes premium 2018. Search Engine Optimization Journal has compiled a list of essential webmaster tools – the ones you can’t get by without:

  • Keyword Research Tool – You can spend thousands of dollars on some fancy gadget with bells and whistles or you can opt for the free version that does the job. Google’s Keyword Research Tool works for everyone.
  • Link Popularity Check – You’ll need to check your link popularity from time to time. Again, you don’t need a bunch of fancy tools with bells and whistles. Marketleap not only reports your link popularity but it also tells you what your search engine saturation is. Two tools in one.
  • Analytics – You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Know your stats. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money when you can get it all for free from Google.
  • Code-to-Text Checker – Code-to-Text ratio is a very important measure of how well you’ve SEOd your website. Too much code could slow your load time. Know whether your website passes must with SEOChat’s code-to-text checker.

There are other really cool tools you could add to your arsenal. If you thought I was going to say an HTML editor or CMS, well, you can have them but are they essential? If you build your site with a CMS then you don’t need the HTML editor, and vice-versa. But if you want to build a website and you need tools, these tools are the bare minimum essentials. Don’t do anything without them.

Premium WordPress Themes – Advanced Segmentation

Google Analytics just keeps getting better and better. The Google Analytics blog recently announced that it has added advanced segmentation as a feature. The implications for usage and reporting here go far beyond what is amenable to running a PPC campaign. You can also segment your organic traffic.

What is a segment? Here’s a good definition straight from the Google Analytics blog:

Usually, it refers to a subset of visitors whose behavior you would like to see and analyze.

So if you want to segment your visitors into paid search and organic search and then break each of those down into traffic that has converted to sales, that’s advanced segmentation. You can see whether your organic search campaign is converting more visitors or your PPC campaign is converting more. With that level of analysis available to you, you can do some awesome planning and tweaking to your search engine marketing efforts. Don’t you agree?

The benefits to advanced segmentation are humongous. The problem for most small businesses will be in finding the time to learn all the new features and how to use them. That’s why it may be in your best interest to hire a professional to assist you. Let them handle the advanced segmentation details so you can focus on what you do best.

Premium WordPress Themes – Flash Video

Ever wonder how many people are watching your videos and responding to the offers directly from the video? Well, now you can. Google Analytics has announced tracking for Adobe Flash.

From the looks of things you’ll be able to use the Google Analytics tracking code to keep track of several stats regarding your videos including

  • Embeds
  • Microsites
  • Widgets
  • Flash-based games

That’s good news.

What you’ll be able to know about the people watching your videos include

  • How many
  • Are they targeted?
  • Is the video marketing working?

In other words, you’ll be able to know if your online videos are leading to conversions. If not, how can you change that? That’s powerful information and I think it will increase the number of the people who start using online video to promote their brands.

The tracking code will track more than just Adobe Flash, and this is perhaps the best news about Google Analytics’ announcement. The formats supported are

  • Flash visual component
  • Flash AS3 library
  • Flex MXML component
  • Flex AS3 library

Plus, the tracking code is open source so it just keeps getting better! If you’ve been daydreaming about the ability to track your video marketing campaigns then now’s your chance. Have at it.

WordPress Themes Premium – Cadillac Status

Google Analytics recently added a couple of new features that are incredibly useful. The first feature is a motion chart. If you are a new user of Google Analytics you may not have this feature yet, but if you’ve had an account for a while then you’ve likely got it. Summarily, motion charts allow you to see statistics trends in video so that you can actually see the trending in action. It’s a pretty cool feature and you can learn more about it at the Google Analytics Blog.

There are also two other features that are in beta: Custom Reporting and Advanced Segments.

With custom reports you can define the statistics that are important to you. If you run multiple PPC campaigns and use a landing page for both PPC and organic search then you can use custom reporting to segment your statistics and break it down even into geographic targeting. There is no real limit to what you can do with custom reporting.

Advanced Segments is a feature that allows you to group certain types of visits together. For instance, visits where a site visitor stars a conversion process then backs out could be grouped together in one segment. This allows you to break down your marketing to individual and more specialized segments. Again, there is no limit to how you can use this feature for your website.

If you are not using Google Analytics then I highly recommend that you start today.

Premium WordPress Themes – Is Your Website

The Google Webmaster Central blog paints a vivid picture of an innocent website that gets mixed up in bad company and becomes the carrier of malicious malware. Could that happen to you?

Sure. I think it could, and if you don’t take precautionary measures it just might. Here’s a little snippet of what Google had to say:

The good news is that your grandmother is still kind and loves turtles. She isn’t trying to start a botnet or steal credit card numbers. The bad news is that her website or the server that it runs on probably has a security vulnerability, most likely from some out-of-date software. That vulnerability has been exploited and malicious code has been added to your grandmother’s website. It’s most likely an invisible script or iframe that pulls content from another website that tries to attack any computer that views the page. If the attack succeeds, then viruses, spyware, key loggers, botnets, and other nasty stuff will get installed.

That’s pretty gruesome. Your grandmother is a sweet old lady who wouldn’t harm a fly. Everyone knows that. And when your best friend Bob’s grandmother lands on your grandmother’s cooking website, well, things can get really nasty, and I’m not talking about bread dough falling flat. Is there protection for your grandmother? What can a webmaster do to prevent this type of hack from taking place on their site?

First, make sure that you don’t “hang out” in bad neighborhoods. Research the server that your site is located on and try to find out what other kinds of sites are on it. If possible, get a dedicated server, which is a server that your site and your site alone sits on. It’s more expensive, but you won’t have to worry about bad guys in your neck of the woods.

CMS systems are particularly vulnerable to attacks. They are easily hacked unless you go through the trouble to secure them properly. Make sure that you do. Better yet, code your site in HTML and CSS, if possible. Coded sites are less vulnerable to hacks.

You can also request a malware review of your website from Google. It’s best to do that if you think you may have been hacked or if you have just cleaned up your site and you want to be sure you got it all.

From time to time you probably want to search out your own sites on Google and see if you get the message “This site may harm your computer” associated with it. When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account you should get a notification from Google that your site has been flagged. If you see one of those then it’s time to take action. Google will not give you advance warning so you need to take action as soon as you see the message. You will lose traffic if you don’t clean it up because if you’re seeing the message then it is appearing in the Google SERPs when people search for information that you provide.

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Premium WordPress Themes – WordPress Templates

Premium WordPress ThemesWhen create a blog you might think asking your visitors to login first to leave a comment. This was not popular, because blog owner is usually made easier for visitors to leave comments on their blogs. Premium wordpress themes — for you.

But you will also find some news portals or popular blogs that use WordPress platform that requires visitors to login first. If you do not want to take a headache because you are afraid to make visitors bored to fill a login form then you can make the process ease by using OpenID for login process.

Premium WordPress Themes – OpenID on WordPress Blog

To use the OpenID on wordpress blog, you can try WPOpenID Plugin. This plugin is designed to simplify your blog visitors to log in using their OpenID accounts.
WPOpenID Plugin All About

Here the WPOpenID Plugin about I take from WordPress plugin directories:

OpenID is an open standard that allows users to authenticate to websites without having to create a new password. This plugin allows users to login to their local WordPress account using an OpenID, as well as enabling commenters to leave authenticated comments with OpenID. The plugin also includes an OpenID provider, enabling users to login to OpenID-enabled sites using their own personal WordPress account. XRDS-Simple is required for the OpenID Provider and some features of the OpenID Consumer.

Premium WordPress Themes – How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress

WordPress is a awesome blogging platform. It has proved by many people. Until now WordPress continuously growth and become a choice of web developers to create websites or make a wordpress as CMS (content management system).

WordPress is the art for website developers. Flexibility becomes a power that makes wordrpress can be used for many things as needed. Because of that’s flexibility Instinct, a New Zealand development company, trying to build a plugin for e-commerce that will help us all wordpress users. That plugin is WP e-Commerce plugin.

To know more about the WP e-Commerce let us read the explanation of Instinct about their work:

The WordPress e-Commerce plugin is a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform with a focus on Aesthetics, web standards and usability. It is both free and priceless at the same time.

Premium WordPress Themes – Let’s see how to use WP e-Commerce

To use WordPress as a CMS for e-commerce with this plugin may not be very satisfying for those who are already very familiar with code and website developer. But maybe it would be different if you want to create a website for your small business. You do not feel the need to spend too much money to start and want to try to finish your own work.

You can try WP e-Commerce. Some web developers say this wordpress plugin is not too perfect and has several weaknesses. But I think this plugin is worth a try if you want to build e-commerce site with WordPress.

Integrates with Trusted Payment Processors

WP e-Commerce can easily integrate with Google Checkout, Paypal,, Payment Express and other payment processor. This is very good to make transactions with your customers easy since online customer not using one payment processor for their transaction.

Premium WordPress Themes – Installation is easy, watch the video below

You can create e-commerce website in 5 minutes. You may think that it would be difficult, but wait until you see this video. In this video you will see the creation process of e-commerce site with WordPress as a CMS in just five minutes.

Premium WordPress Themes – What features on WP e-Commerce?

  • Google Checkout Level 2 Integration
  • DPS / Paystation Integration
  • Paypal IPN integration
  • Paypal Payments Pro integration
  • Ajax powered DropShop Shopping Cart
  • Ajax powered Sliding Shoping Cart
  • Audio Player Module for selling MP3 files and digital downloads
  • Purchase records downloadable as CSV file
  • Support for USA & Canada Tax

WP e-commerce still needs further development to be a solution for e-commerce website. But I think that for beginners it still worth to try WP e-Commerce, at least you can use a plugin to help make simple transactions each month.

Category and Page Icons WordPress Plugin by WPDevelop

When build a small business or corporate website on WordPress some developer try to put standard element on WordPress like Web 2.0 icon for category and page. You can use this WordPress plugin to add icons (images) to sidebar of your website or blog on WordPress into section of categories and pages.

How to install this plugin on your WordPress blog? This is step-by-step installation:

  • Upload entire category-page-icons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin
  • Category and Page Icons Plugin menu “Icons” will appear at your WordPress admin menu
  • Set up your icon at submenu settings page of Icons menu
  • Upload Icons and sign them to pages or categories. You can also use it at sidebar category or page sections, icons will appear there.

Premium WordPress Themes – Display Thumbnail Related Posts on WordPress Blog using Wp-Thumbie

Using the images thumbnail in your blog can make your blog look pretty. Especially if you use images have the same size and in great proportion to your post section size. But you know that cropping each image one by one using image editor is not a fun job.

On the other hand you know that using a related post on your blog post on your blog can help your readers reach the old posts that might make them interested, and make them your loyal readers.

How about a related post with a beautiful thumbnail? Are you interesting? If you are interesting to use related post with a thumbnail image so you can use cool Wp-Thumbie on your wordpress blog.
What is WP-Thumbie?

Here Sandip Dedhia from BlogsDNA explains about his WordPress plugins:

Entire Thumbie Wp-Plugin is based on Contextual Related Posts plugin. So what is Wp-Thumbie? Wp-Thumbie is WordPress plugin to display thumbnails Related Posts on WordPress blogs.

Wp-Thumbie is made based on Contextual Related Posts plugin for WordPress by Ajay Dsouza. Sandip does a good work with this plugin. I think this plugin will help bloggers to provide useful related information but more than that plus with attractive style.

Wp-Thumbie plugins will automatically resize images to thumbnails with size you define. You can also set the number of thumbnails related posts to be displayed on the vertical list style or raw output format and set your own thumbnail size.

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